Sound Masking (White noise systems):

I have designed and installed several sound masking systems. Some of these installations include Day Spring Cards, Central States Manufacturing and others.

Sound Masking requires a specialized skill set. Many factors must be evaluated to determine the best design.

If your sales staff or service people are struggling to tune out their neighbors, then let me look things over. Often a sound masking system can significantly improve productivity, morel, reduce stress and mental fatigue.

From conference rooms to whole building systems we can provide a flexible user friendly system.

We would appreciate the opportunity to provide a free evaluation and competitive bid.

Paging Systems:


I have been a part of both the design and installation of many diverse systems including many industrial systems, offices, dealerships, retail and more.

If your system needs service or it’s time for an upgrade we can help. Let me help you do it right the first time. Often systems are installed by others not well versed in how to design a paging system. I can explain the various approaches to make paging reliable and clear as bell. I often provide multiple bids (Good, Better & Best) explaining the differences in order to best fit your preferences and budget.  

Music Systems


We are the local affiliate for Music Choice programming, providing commercial free business music to several hundred area businesses.

Our service includes sixty five formats of music designed to enhance your customers time while visiting your facility. If you have a clinic or financial institution, Music Choice will help create an up lifting and friendly atmosphere, while at the same time masking out surrounding office clatter and personal conversations. Music Choice creates a sense of privacy which in turn provides a more relaxed, stress-free experience.

Music Choice should be a part of your interior design. The right music at the right time is an important feature helping your customers to have a positive impression.

Let us share our twenty years of experience. I will be happy to provide a free competitive bid for all sound equipment and /or Music Choice programming.